argumentative essay space exploration is a waste of money

Science may well give us good things. We all know Velcro came from NASA. But why bother spending all this money exploring space and finding out there was water on Mars at some point in the last few thousand years (we have water in Earth) when these same great minds could be applied to finding better ways to power
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Essay topics: Money spent on exploration of space is a complete waste, it could be spend more effectively on improvements of living of people. To what extent do u agree disagree. prathapreddy's picture. Submitted by prathapreddy on Tue, 03/25/2014 - 05:33. Currently, one of the major concern of the world is wasting of
First off: The most widely used argument that DOES NOT support space exploration is: "We have too many problems on Earth, so why go into space?". This statement makes me .... The government should spend money on saving this planet first rather than using it to find another planet to waste. This planet was created for
It is well-known fact that some rich countries spend billions on space exploration, sending costly satellites while people in poor countries suffering from diseases, malnutrition and acute starvation. Opinions are divided as to whether the high cost on space adventures is waste of money or beneficial to mankind. However it is
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